How My Life Changed After Becoming A Health Coach: 3 Ways

It's incredible how we can pivot from the lowest moments of life and create something amazing. In this blog post, I will be sharing a short glimpse of my life before and what changed after I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

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A Glimpse Before Health Coaching

Growing up, I do not recall having many role models who taught me the importance of health or what that even meant. I always assumed people who exercise or looked fit were the only healthy individuals on planet Earth. It wasn't until college when I started thinking more about being healthy because I gained weight and ate worst than ever before. I remember McDonalds became a tradition for my friends and I whenever we went out and had a long night. In college I ate lots of pasta, no really, LOTS of it. Never did I once went to the gym and exercise before and during college. I remember feeling really guilty for not having a healthier lifestyle. I thought it was impossible and only felt like a dream. I was the person who wished all the time to be healthy but never did one thing about it.

I thought after college things would really change. I believed that after graduating college, getting married and working in my career then I would finally have time to work for the healthy lifestyle I craved. Long story short, over the years, I got confused about all the dietary theories, fell into the diet culture, and found myself having a difficult time knowing what kind of diet or exercise would work for me. Some of the things that I was dealing at that time was bloating, acne, inflammation, menstrual cramps (I know, common but not normal), pain, mood shifts & more. When I started my health journey, I thought I was doing what was best for me following some of the trends but in reality I did not know better and felt "fine" because I "looked fine". At some point in my life I lost a lot of weight and I also knew this was not good either. It seemed like I could not find a balance. My relationship with food bueno. It got to the point where I eliminated several groups of food. I lost a lot of weight in an unhealthy way. I also did messed up my hormones big time.

I am sharing this because society has taught us that if you fit in the box of looking fit and that you can eat anything as long as you are counting your macros, then you should be fine and are considered a healthy individual. Wow, is this totally WRONG. Rarely I hear society talking about true health and wellness. It starts from within, your metabolic health. From your sleep, hormones, toxin load, gut, nutrient status, emotions, and so much more. These are things I learned along the way as I was pursuing holistic health coaching.

1. Connecting Back To My Body

I remember being so used to taking medication for any physical discomfort I felt like a headache or cramps. There was a time I carried my little bottle of pain medication anywhere I'd go because I never knew when I was going to need it. I also skipped breakfast and sometimes ignored my hunger cues. I had so many symptoms that I was masking with a band-aid approach- again trying to instantly find a temporary relief to any discomfort.

In my journey, I learned how to connect to my body and try to find root causes for the symptoms I was displaying. If I had a headache, I learned to look for the deeper cause instead of trying to temporary relieve the discomfort with meds. I would check in with myself and asked, is my headache due to dehydration? Not enough sleep? Stress? Nutrient deficiencies? and so on. In this example, it allowed me to see the root cause of the headache and I was more likely to support it in a way that I did not have to rely on any medication for in the first place because I was going beyond what I normally would do. This was the beginning of me taking charge of my own health.

You see, our body is extremely intelligent and is always communicating. When we dismiss this communication, it starts to yell out for help. This is when we begin to see illness, dis-ease as a physical manifestation. I learned that our body tries to maintain homeostasis but, it cannot do it without our full support. Same thing with our emotions. Identifying where sadness, anger or fear felt in my body, I was able to connect to that and release the energy in motion. This takes constant work and awareness. I learned to listen to my body in such a way that I was able to feel more empowered by reclaiming my health one area at a time. Integrative Holistic Health Coaching takes into account the mind, body, spirit and environment. This really changed my life because I finally was understanding many layers and what it felt like another world to me. I learned the differences in a functional and conventional approach to health.

“Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick.”

― Hippocrates

2. Creativity

I remember as a child I noticed the adults in my life and how they "lived life". I was more of a shy person but also observing my surroundings. As I got older, I noticed that many of us were always in autopilot mode. This may sound odd but the truth is, I didn't know back then what to call the autopilot mode and I thought of it more like people were living in a dead body. For me, it meant people were going to work, church, stores because it felt like they had to. I did not see a lot of aliveness and good energetic vibrations from many people. I felt the same way for a very long time as I got older which turned out to be one of my greatest fears. I felt like I was a "walking zombie" and "stuck in life". I didn't have any dreams, big goals, and lived routinely. I did not know how to question everything.

There were a lot of moments in life that got me out of that stuck mode. Nothing was as awakening to me as when I was pursuing health coaching. I remember waking up everyday feeling enthusiastic about taking courses, learning something different, and feeling more confident about what I was doing. I call this an awakening moment. I realized that the way to feeling unstuck in life is going along with the energetic flow of whatever I was doing that made me feel excited about; health coaching. I felt this inner desire and natural instinct from within that drove me to do things I did not imagine before which leads me into the next; starting my own business.

3. Started My Own Business

If you would have told me years ago that one day I was going to have my own business I would have doubted that. I did not think I would create a health coaching business back then. In fact, I did not know health coaching was a thing. I went to college to get a career and planned to work in my career long-term. I did whatever society told me to do and did not question one bit of it. All I wanted back then was a stable job and having that degree was a back-up for me so that I didn't have to "struggle." Wow, my mindset was full of scarcity thoughts. Now, I think it is terrible to believe that you should be doing one thing forever. People evolve, change happens, thoughts transform and interest change. I am a big believer that when we ignore this natural instinct, we begin to feel miserable.

I loved my career, no doubt about it but I felt it inside of me that I was ready for something else after a few years of doing the same thing. I remember I started to question a lot of things over the years and noticed being interested in many different areas that complimented my career. On my own I started reading more books, researching interests, and adapting healthier habits in my life. That initial desire of wanting to have a healthier lifestyle led me to want to cook healthier meals at home and then it led me to find health coaching through a blog I read. Not only did I crave to have a healthier lifestyle, I also wanted to do more to have financial freedom instead of having "just a stable job". In order for me to have been able to build my own business I had to work hard on my mindset. I had to retrain my mindset from scarcity to abundance. I wanted more for my life and I was tired of complaining about the same things in life.

Fast forward I gifted myself the permission to bloom on my birthday during the pandemic in 2021. I signed up for my course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition while at the same time building my business and seeing clients. A year later I graduated and kept working hard. Looking back I am SO HAPPY that I followed my instinct. Had I ignore that I would probably be in the same frustrating situation. Health coaching changed my life for the better. It opened many more possibilities than I ever imagined. If you are interested in learning more about health coaching, you can sign up for a free sample class here. Bonus if you want to be a certified health coach you can mention my name and you get a discount at Institute for Integrative Nutrition!

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