Red Light Therapy (RLT) stimulates mitochondria (cells powerhouse) to:

*Increase ATP (cellular energy)

*Increase Blood Flow

*Reduce Inflammation; rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune conditions

*Healthy Skin; increase collagen production, wound healing, acne, scars

*Improves mood and cognition

*Better Recovery; muscle soreness



There are 2000+ studies on red light therapy. Four possible benefits with the most robust research include:


Nature’s Glowing Facial

Clinical Studies show that red light therapy may be linked to increased collagen production, reduced inflammation, and therefore possibly improved appearances of wrinkles, scars, skin texture, and elasticity. [6]

Reduced Joint Pain & Inflammation

Sun’s Turmeric

Everyone knows turmeric can help with inflammation and pain [7], but did you know that red light may have the same effects too? Review and clinical studies have shown that RLT can soothe sore muscles, improve joint health and reduce pain. [8, 9]

Faster Recovery

The Ray of Light Tourniquet

This finding by NASA put RLT on the map, corroborated by evidence of accelerated injury healing in Navy SEALs. “LED produced improvement of greater than 40% in musculoskeletal training injuries in Navy SEAL team members, and decreased wound healing time in crew members aboard a U.S. Naval submarine. LED produced a 47% reduction in pain of children suffering from oral mucositis.” [10, 11]

Better Mood And Energy

Feel The Good, Warm Glow

Depression has been linked to a decreased level of mitochondrial respiration in blood platelets [12]. In a few published studies [13, 14], transcranial RLT and laser acupuncture have shown benefit in patients with depression but a small case  study also showed LED based RLT applied to the back improved depressive symptoms in people with lower back pain. [15]