What is Holistic Health?

Tired about not getting answers for your health or are told that your labs are normal but you don't feel well? Learn about holistic health and find helpful tips/resources that can help you get started getting to the real root cause.

Holistic health is an alternative medicine or another form of wellness that considers the health of the whole person including mind, body, and spirit. This type of approach focuses on treating the root cause instead of the symptoms. It considers every aspect of a person's wellbeing including social, environmental, toxins, financial, physical, emotional, mental, career/job, nutrition, and more. 

Alternative Medicine & Conventional Medicine

Holistic medicine can include several different modalities for health including but not limited to chiropractor, acupuncture, emotional release, naturopathic, functional doctors, and biological dentist. It takes a different approach than conventional medicine and sees the body as one whole interconnected system. For example, if there is an autoimmune disease, conventional medicine might suppress inflammation so that it shuts down and inhibits the normal physiology of the body. Functional medicine works on understanding the root cause of autoimmune disease and the triggers.

Another example is when someone has a thyroid issue, conventional medicine will likely put them on medication and overtime the dose may increase. In functional medicine, the practitioner will typically run a full thyroid panel (not just T4 and T3) and other functional lab tests that will give a closer look at what is going inside the body. Functional medicine will touch on the person’s health holistically around nutrition, toxins, heavy metals, mold, stress levels, and more. The conventional approach is not fully integrated and does not see the person body as a whole system which is why they refer patients to different physicians that specialize in the area like cardiologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, or neurologist. Conventional medicine also has several different modalities to treat symptoms such as pharmaceuticals, radiation, therapy and more.

Adapt a Beginner’s Mind

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by new information. Instead, I invite you to adapt a beginner’s mind and stay curious as you’re learning about holistic health. It can be difficult when everyone around you has only focused on one approach (typically conventional) and you want to implement new health and lifestyle changes but get gaslighted (trust me, I get it). The good news is that you do not have to change your life in a short period. It takes time (years) to implement changes. We are all lifelong learners in this world. Remember, health is a journey and not a destination. Your health will shift during different seasons of your life and your body will require support in times like pregnancy, postpartum, new job, grieving, moving to a new city, travel or simply aging. You must continue to adjust to different health modalities as nothing is ever permanent.

Working on your health, does not mean being free of illness. Often symptoms you may be experiencing like regular headaches, feeling bloated, skin rashes, itchiness, digestive issues, may be common but not normal. Working on your health holistically, can significantly improve many of these symptoms. If you want to improve your metabolic health, you need to focus on preventative health. This means working on a healthy lifestyle that will likely prevent chronic health conditions that are linked to poor diet and lifestyle. Most people are forced to take care of their health when disease appears. The goal is to take care of your health everyday so that you can live optimally.

Do What Makes Sense For You

Do what makes sense for you and choose where you want to start implementing change in your life. No one has the same life as you. It does not matter if Maria, Yolanda or Teresita are following each other’s lead changing their entire habits. You decide what changes in your lifestyle will bring you the most benefit to your overall wellbeing. Focus on your journey and no one else’s. This also means use your best judgement when it comes to your health. Learn to question things and your doctor if something does not feel right to you. Be a rebel and trust your instincts. Do not accept a diagnosis at the first visit and leave the door with prescriptions thinking that is for the rest of your life. It never is a one size fits all, meaning you shouldn't feel like you have to choose one approach verses the other. There is a time and place for conventional and holistic health. Both can co-exist.

Hire a Holistic Practitioner/ Health Coach

If you want to optimize your health, you must hire someone who is familiar and educated in holistic functional medicine. Most Functional Doctors, Naturopath Doctors, or Health Coaches do not take insurances. Insurance decides what kind of care you get. This is frustrating but true. It can be expensive to pay out of pocket plus the labs when you hire someone that works in root cause, but the investment is worth it. Health is wealth. You can start by hiring a Holistic Health Coach if you cannot work with a Functional Doctor. There are many holistic functional coaches that offer program packages, and some offer functional lab testing.
This is great because you do not want to rely your health on conventional lab tests with normal ranges. The "normal" lab ranges are based from a population that is chronically sick. This may explain why you may go to the doctor and are told everything is "normal" but you may feel like you are not fine. Functional lab testing offers more insight and the ranges indicate for "optimal" health, not "normal".

Evaluate what you want to work on first, then find someone that fits with your health goals. Though there are coaches that specialize in a particular area like in gut health, hormone health, or thyroid, they still treat each person bio-individual through a root cause holistic lens.

I have compiled a list of a few functional practitioners and other more holistic minded professionals in other fields that you want to check out if you’re in Michigan. This is by no means is an extensive list. Don’t worry if you are not in Michigan, I got you 😉 I share how you can find Functional Medicine Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Bio Dentist near you and Holistic Pediatric Resources. You’re welcome!

Holistic Root Cause Professionals in Michigan

Bio Dentist

Board Certified Holistic Health Coach + Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner


Functional Medicine

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Holistic Pediatric Practice


Search for a Functional Root Cause Professional Near You

Bio Dentist

Functional Medicine Doctor

Naturopath Doctor

Other Pediatric Resource

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